★★★★★ “The powerful story is unforgettable—a must-see for history buffs and theatre-aficionados alike.” - Fringe Review UK

★★★★★ "This is a stunning piece of theatre, and not one to be missed.” - Voice Magazine

★★★★★ “A fascinating, unique perspective on a dark period of history, and it is performed tremendously.” - The Student

★★★★★ “It’s a testament to Garner’s superb acting ability, that she is able to play multiple characters in this drama, effortlessly transforming…” - The Wee Review

★★★★★ "Eleanor’s Story captivated the audience from beginning to end.” - Rip It Up

★★★★★ "Such power and conviction does she bring to the role that one forgets entirely that it is not her own story, that she is not Eleanor.” - The Barefoot Review

★★★★★ "Eleanor’s Story left me lost for words and yet I cannot stop talking about it. Garner is devastatingly brilliant.” - The Advertiser

★★★★★ "Extraordinary. Ingrid Garner’s solo performance is remarkable – a thing of elegance that delivers unique insight into an important piece of human history.” - In Daily

★★★★★ "A rare intimacy, superb storytelling and a truly important story to tell." - Adelaide Theatre Guide

★★★★★ "This is masterful theatre and as good as any you will see – not just this Fringe but any time.” - Kryztoff

★★★★★ "A show of this style requires the highest quality performance and Garner delivers on every level. Her performance is a delight and every nuance of this emotionally complex show is convincing and engaging.” - Glam Adelaide

★★★★★ "Harrowing, occasionally humorous and brutally honest, California writer-performer Ingrid Garner’s gripping one-hour drama opens on an ominous note. It’s the fall of 1939, and nine-year-old Eleanor’s father has just accepted a job with an electrical company in Berlin.” - Winnipeg Free Press